Entertainment Experience

  • Sunrising

    Business Hours: 12:00-20:00, TEL:15601980300
    ADD:B1, No. 1200 Shibo Avenue

  • All Star Ice Skating Rink

    All Star Ice Skating Rink is one of our top attractions here at Mercedes-Benz...

  • Cinema-SFC

    Expo International Cinema City is a high-end professional cinema consisting of...

  • Caster Dance Studio

    CASTER has been providing the moves for Mercedes-Benz Arena Live since 2017...

  • Rock Dancing

    The Rock Dancing is one of the top indoor rock climbing centers in Shanghai...

  • Seven Autumn

    The Seven Autumn Flower has blossomed its new store at Mercedes-Benz Arena...

  • CCM Ice Hockey

    CCM is currently the world's largest and oldest ice hockey equipment manufacturer...

  • TaxiWay Aviation Center

    In Shanghai, TaxiWay proudly provides this unique airplane-piloting experience...

  • Cutting Up Fitness Center

    Cutting Up Fitness Center is your destination training gym providing world-class facilities and..

Important notification

The retail district of Mercedes-Benz Arena is open every day, free 360-degree aerial viewing deck,perfect river view with premium dining, relaxed entertainment experience, and parking discounts (Mercedes-Benz owners can also enjoy exclusive privileges of 10 yuan/day). In order to provide a safe and secure consumer experience, please read the safety instructions here.