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2022-08-16「Nice to Meet You Again」12th Anniversary Collection Exhibition Mercedes-Benz Arena’s First Exhibition of Autographed Collections

On August 15, 2022, Mercedes-Benz Arena Collection Exhibition「Nice to Meet You Again」opens to the public in Shanghai. Celebrating the 12thanniversary of Mercedes-Benz Arena, the exhibition consists of four themed showcases and recaptures the Arena's historic memories. Over 50 valuable collections are on display for the first time. Among them are many autographed posters of famous domestic and overseas artists and souvenirs from the arena’s most exciting international sports events.

“We are so lucky to witness so many exciting events together with our arena fans during the past 12 years. The exhibition consists of a multitude of content across entertainment and sports. The Chinese Artist section exhibits autographed posters and CDs of famous artists such as Jay Chou, Zhang Xinzhe and Li Jian while the overseas section shows China debuts of international singers like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran.  Guests who visit the arena during the next 3 months can also appreciate valuable souvenirs from the NBA, NHL, UFC Fight Night, and DOTA2,” Craig Grossarth, the General Manger of Mercedes-Benz Arena announced.  He also added, “Through this exhibition, we hope to have an emotional resonance with each audience member and trigger their memories from the last dozen years. This is a commemoration of the arena’s rich history and the anticipation of many events to come.”

During the nearly three-month「Nice to Meet You Again」exhibition, each visitor can become a member of the arena through newly launched WeChat mini program, registering for an exhibition ticket together with a limited free gift.  In addition, Mercedes-Benz Arena has made a handbook for visitors in advance, revealing six highlights.

Highlight 1: The Artist Who Played The Most Shows at Mercedes-Benz Arena

With 15 sold-out shows in four rounds of touring during the six years, Jay Chou has become both a pioneer of Chinese music and the artist who has held the most shows in Mercedes-Benz Arena. The autographed certificate “Jay Chou - the Artist Who Played Most Shows” along with a group photo serves as the first collection of this exhibition.

Highlight 2: The Collection of Overseas Celebrities’ Autographed China Debut Posters

Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Bruno Mars, and more.  The overseas section gathers nearly 20 autographed posters of these Western pop music pioneers and Grammy Award winners. It also records the many overseas talents China debuts which were held in Mercedes-Benz Arena.

Highlight 3: The Guitar with Limited Number of 400 over the World

The exclusive guitar of the metal band Metallica, LTD “Master of Puppets”, is a very meaningful guitar. It is not only one of the limited 400 guitars in the world, but also the only LTD “Master of Puppets” which has the signatures of all the band members on it.

Highlight 4: The Autographed Jersey Celebrating NHL’s First China Game

On September 21, 2017, the NHL came to China for the first time before the approaching 100thanniversary. Two top international hockey teams, the Los Angeles Kings and Vancouver Canucks, presented a wonderful international hockey game to Chinese hockey fans in Mercedes-Benz Arena. They also left a jersey with all team members’ signatures.

Highlight 5: The Autographed Boxing Gloves of Chinese Boxing Heros

In 2019, Zhang Weili became Asia’s first UFC Chinese Champion after defeating the defending champion Andrade in just 42 seconds in the boxing ring. Apart from this, in 2017, Li Jingliang and Song Yadong also had excellent performances in UFC First China Game. These autographed boxing gloves have witnessed a huge leap in Chinese boxing.

All the highpoints mentioned above are only a small part of this exhibition. The exhibition name「Nice to Meet You Again」is a reminder that the fans who have experienced live shows at the arena are the real main characters in this trip. At the conclusion of the exhibition, visitors can write down their own Mercedes-Benz Arena stories on their tickets, share them on the「Message Wall」and also participate in online activities. The exhibition lasts until October 31, 2022. Welcome to visit Mercedes-Benz Arena and recall precious memories!

As one of recommended entertainment places in Shanghai, Mercedes-Benz Arena also has a thriving Retail District covering more than 20,000m2.  After the exhibition, visitors can participate in different kinds of activities, such as rock climbing, dancing, archery, DIY baking and ice skating.Additionally, the arena is home to eight restaurants and a café, which can provide guests with a range of options from casual dining to gourmet cuisine.

About Mercedes-Benz Arena

Mercedes-Benz Arena is the international live entertainment venue and the centerpiece of a mixed-use entertainment complex, with a Main Stage, Live House, and Retail District. The Arena’s Main Stage includes capacity for 18,000 guests, with 82 luxury suites, VIP Rooms and offers state-of-the-art technology and amenities for staging the biggest and most popular events in China. The Mixing Room is the Arena’s live house, which seats 800 and hosts various content such as concerts, children’s shows, press conferences boxing and other special activities. Mercedes-Benz Arena’s Retail District is home to one of Shanghai’s most popular ice skating rinks, a six screen cinema, and other experience-based tenants such as rock climbing, dance studio, archery, fitness center and massage center, DIY bakery and more. The Mercedes-Benz Arena, Shanghai is operated by a joint venture comprised of strategic shareholders OPG, AEG and NBA making a partnership which defines world class management. The arena teams takes pride in delivering unprecedented entertainment and customer service which aims to exceed the expectations of artists, sponsors, guests and business partners. The Mercedes-Benz Arena is also host to national and international events. These most celebrated performers include The Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Jacky Cheung, Faye Wang, Jay Chou, Li Jian, Chris Lee, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, NBA Global Game China, UFC Fight Night, The International Dota 2 Championships, Cirque de Soleil and more.

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