Mercedes-Benz Arena Green

Mercedes-Benz Arena Green is an initiative focusing on a more sustainable environment including recycled biodegradable small wares in the suites, irrigation solution reclaiming water from the Huangpu River, and a recycling program.

The arena carried out alternative “green” solutions throughout the building. LED light fixtures were installed in the venue and its offices. To reduce bathroom wasted paper material, all bathrooms paper made hand towels were removed, substituting it with air-drying systems. Air-conditioners and heating ventilation maintenance reforms took place to further cut back energy costs. These “Green” initiatives included consistent machine cleanings and the replacement of aged humidifiers.

To further strengthen our campaign, we established collaboration with Shanghai’s Roots & Shoots Million Tree project. By working together, both Mercedes-Benz Arena Green and Shanghai Roots & Shoots Million Tree project will aim to raise community awareness of the Earth’s precious environment while focusing on steps individuals can take to lessen their negative impact on the natural world throughout the year.

Mercedes-Benz Arena recently won the Award on becoming the best environment friendly venue in Shanghai. We would like to thank the Environmental Sustainability and City Sanitation Bureau of Shanghai Pudong District for giving us this award. As an ongoing effort to sustain the clean and green environment, and as part of its corporate social responsibility, the Mercedes-Benz Arena incorporates global best practices in eco-friendly venue, construction, and operations. Mercedes-Benz Arena Green is committed to raising the standard of sustainable living through its corporate programs for environment, communities, and people. Mercedes-Benz Arena maintains a high level of awareness among its employees with respect to the principle of sustainability and the need to care for the environment.

No. 1200 Shibo Avenue, Pudong, Shanghai. | Phone : 4001816688  Complaints Hotline: 021-38996602


Address: No. 1200 Shibo Avenue, Pudong, Shanghai.
Phone : 4001816688  Complaints Hotline: 021-38996602