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On March 29th, 2014, Mercedes-Benz Arena joined millions of people... Mercedes-Benz Arena, one of the venues in China... NBA China Games 2012 will feature two games between the reigning NBA Champion... The finalists for TheStadiumBusiness Awards have been announced with Mercedes-Benz Arena... On 19th November 2011, on the occasion of The 1st Anniversary of Commercial Operation in Mercedes- Last night,Akon,the most famous Hip Hop King of United States, met Chinese fans at Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai......Read More 50 Disney stars will gather at Mercedes-Benz Arena and bring Shanghai grant show on ice from November 11st to November 13rd...... Paula Tsui, legendary singer in Hong Kong, will hold her own concerts at Mercedes-Benz Arena on December 16th and 17th ... Last night, “Rock Records 30 Anniversary Concert” rocked more than 5 hours at Mercedes-Benz Arena. More than 10 thousand audience ... Akon,American hip hop king, will hold his concert at Mercedes-Benz Arena on November 5th ... Akon, the most popular Hip Hop King in America, will come to Mercedes-Benz Arena on November 5th ... Tonight first high level basketball game will be held at Mercedes-Benz Arena ... James Blunt is about to say nong hao to Shanghai audiences for the second time ... To rousing cheers of fans in Shanghai's Mercedes-Benz Arena ... At the opening ceremony of the Expo, gorgeous laser fountain landscape performance and ... The best theme of artistry on ice is a wonderful wedding. Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo
 ... Duke University, as one of the most famous basketball university in United States, will visit China in August ... The night of this July of Shanghai is meant to be lightened by the coolest set of music ... On the evening of June 28th, Chen Yaochuan, the famous musician, performed with three ... As early as more than a month ago, Jasmine has already got market transcript ... Lo Da Yu will hold a concert at Mercedes-Benz Arena on July 9th ... Under beautiful light fallen by the white lamp, audience was waiting ... “2011 Lang Lang and His Champion Friends —— Art on Ice” performances will be held at Mercedes-Benz Arena... Lo Da Yu is a bad-tempered person in many entertainment journalists’ impression ... Lo Da Yu is a bad-tempered person in many entertainment journalists’ impression...... A few days ago, Lang Lang was awarded an honorary PhD by Royal College of Music, UK. ... Jasmine changed her hairstyle after wedding; didn’t change her charming voice... Alan Lou held “2011 Encore World Live Tour” Shanghai Concert in the Mercedes-Benz Arena last night...  Sean Kingston, Jam Hsiao and Wilber Pan Join Forces to Take Chinese Talent Global... Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo, the Olympic champion couple, had a wonderful wedding on ice last year... Lang Lang is a young pianist, whose fingers always dance wildly on the piano at a concert hall... On May 21st, Alan Luo will hold “Encore World Live Tour” Shanghai Concert in the Mercedes-Benz Arena... Looking up to the sky at a 45-degree angle; wearing a white shirt and cotton dress... The first day of “May Day” holiday, more than 40,000 people... Go back to the stage after married; Jasmine Leung gets more and more popular... The “May day” holiday is approaching; Mercedes-Benz Arena will hold a series of events with “renew the beauty of Expo“... Promoters believe Dylan show heralds new era for Western music in China ... After nearly a month of promotions, contests,and other miscellaneous ... The one and only Asia stop of Usher’s OMG World Tour thrilled... The biggest change the legendary American band the Eagles has experienced in 40 years... Legendary U.S. college basketball team Duke University... Skip the touristy views of the 'Hai and... Youngsters treated to ice-skating and movies ... It's a venue that has already attracted one of the world's... hanghai rock fans will have a special Christmas present... Jacky Cheung is gearing up for a new world tour... LIFE-LIKE dinosaurs lumber, roar and fight in a... The Mercedes-Benz Arena will serve as the Expo... Guo Yinsheng was waiting expectantly... The Shanghai Expo has not, to put it mildly... World Wrestling Entertainment slammed into Shanghai... Shanghai's new Expo Culture Center shows the ingenuity of Chines...e The Expo Culture Center designed by Shanghai... Construction and outfitting finished yesterday... World Wrestling Entertainment slammed ...
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